Rua da Artilharia 1 nº51, Páteo Bagatela, 1250-038 Lisboa RESERVAS 211 930 941

nossos contatos

“i nostri contatti”

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Fridays, Saturdays and Holiday Eve, reservations are only made by phone. Online booking for the same day, only until 19:00, after 19:00 please call, thank you. We'll confirm within a moment. We request your punctuality. After a 15 minute delay, the booking is automatically cancelled. Via online, the reservation is valid only after receiving our confirmation email.

For reservations of 6 or more people, you must please call 211,930,941 or email us at:

On weekends and holiday eve, reservations are only made by phone

"horários de abertura"

terça-feira a sexta-feira 12h00 ~ 15h00 | sábado, domingo e feriados 12h30 ~ 15h00
terça-feira a domingo 19h00 ~ 23h00
( encerado segundas-feiras )